Butter Nug Catering  began in 2011.  Our concept, was to create a unique catering experience which offered the best in fresh, ‘conscious’ food, met all dietary requirements, and delivered stunning flavours and visuals.

We are totally ingredient led so one day may not be the same as the next.

We use what is seasonal, source authentic produce & choose organic when possible placing an emphasis on Local produce first and the best in seasonal cuisine.


Summer 2012

It’s been six months already since Butter Nug became an entity.  I have had the chance to meet many new people and more importantly, I have had the chance to feed a whole bunch of people.  The last six months have brought a number of different business catering opportunities my way which have concretize my ideals that this road trip away from my corporate map was definitely in my plans.

This blog has been a great outlet for me to express my emotions and share my experiences with you – what a joy.

My plans for this summer is to expand my distribution channels – I would like to join the farmer market’s circuit – blend with all others who share my love – well truth be told, I don’t think I am totally capable of blending in…  I think that’s a good thing.

I hope to have our paths cross this summer if you happen to be in my part of world – stop by, share your knowledge with me; I will gladly lend you my ear.

See you soon.